Josué Martín Elvir Zamora
Josué Martín Elvir Zamora

A Honduran gay asylum seeker has been allowed to stay in Canada while the government assesses his case, following the Immigration and Refugee Board’s initial rejection of his application with doubts about his sexuality.

Josué Martín Elvir Zamora who has lived in Canada since December 2013 will have four weeks while the government assesses his case for asylum.

According to Xtra, David Garcia, who is the president of Latinx LGBT group Hola, said that Elvir Zamora’s case has been handed off to Rob Oliphant, the MP for Don Valley West in Toronto, and the chair of the federal government’s standing committee on citizenship and immigration.

“We are doing our best to help Josué to stay in Canada,” Garcia said.

Elvir Zamora says that he’s afraid to return to Honduras because he’s been threatened by gangs for being gay.

“I left Honduras because I’m gay and that is a homophobic country. People can tell that I’m gay because how I look like: my earrings, how I dress, how I walk, how I act.”

“If I go back home, it’s suicide, because I know what will happen if I go back. That’s why I’m so nervous now. I’m out of this world.”

Zamora’s lawyers have asked the government to delay his deportation until January the 25th 2018 when he would be eligible to apply for a pre-removal risk assessment. He has also applied to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but no decision has been made on that.

Sourced via Daily Xtra