Piers Morgan / Caitlyn Jenner

British journalist and television personality, Piers Morgan has insulted Caitlyn Jenner by joking about her transition and gender confirmation surgery.

According to the Sun, while filming with Jenner for an episode of “Life Stories,” Morgan pulled out a male children’s doll intending to represent Jenner prior to her transition.

“You were an all-American, 6ft 2in muscle-bound guy. When you look at that guy what do you think?” Morgan questioned Jenner.

To which Jenner replied, “Good for him. There is a lot more to this story than just that.”

Morgan who continued to press Jenner for details on her transition asked, “How does your physique compare now to what it did then? Obviously, certain areas we know about.”

Shocked at the tone of the questions, Jenner fired back at Morgan describing his comment “disrespectful.”

Piers Morgan

“You made a comment there and that’s why you would get in trouble, OK? You said, ‘Certain areas’ – that, to a trans person, is disrespectful,” Jenner says.

“It’s not funny. It’s life. It’s a very serious part of my life. I take that very seriously and so out of respect for myself and the community, it’s not something that you joke about.”

“This is serious stuff. People die over these issues. It’s not a joke,” Jenner adds.

Morgan is well known for his fiery and opinionated debates regarding the transgender/non-binary community, including in May 2017 when his comments directed towards a non-binary couple on “Good Morning Britain” went viral.