LGBTI South Africans

A new report has found that black LGBTI South Africans still continue to face the highest risk of violence throughout the rainbow nation.

Titled “We’re queer and we’re here!” the new report on LGBTI South Africans has revealed that while tolerance towards the community is rising, being a member of this estimated 800,000-strong community certainly comes with its challenges.

According to the report, four out of ten LGBTI South Africans know of someone who has been murdered “for being or suspected of being” LGBTI.

While black members of the LGBTI community being statistically almost twice as likely compared to white respondents to know of someone who was murdered on these grounds.

By correlating data from a range of sources, the report was also able to find that only half of black LGBTI people are completely open about their sexuality.

LGBTI South Africans

One analyst and author of the report, Gerbrandt van Heerden explains, “Black LGBT people are more likely to be victims of physical violence than those in the other race groups – this could possibly add to the reluctance by many to reveal their sexuality.”

Taking into account the report’s findings, due to the fear associated with “coming out” the tally of nearly 800,000 South Africans who identify as members of the LGBTI community is “most certainly an undercount.”

Acknowledging “a growing trend” of tolerance and “open-mindedness,” the report also highlights that the majority of South Africans support constitutional protections for LGBTI people and display high levels of tolerance for their gay neighbours, while, across Africa, younger and better-educated people are increasingly tolerant.